Spray polyurethane present at Building Physics 2013 seminar in Tampere

The Building Physics 2013 seminar offered new information on moisture-safe building. The thermal and moisture activity of structures and buildings was one of the main themes of the seminar. The presentations named spray polyurethane insulation as a prime example of moisture-safe renovation.

The international keynote speakers were Professor Jesper Arfvidsson from the University of Lund in Sweden and Professor of Building Physics John Grunewald from the Technische Universität Dresden in Germany. Professor Arfvidsson's talk, ”Moisture Safety in Highly Insulated Constructions”, was at the core of the seminar's key topic. Increased insulation thicknesses have contributed to increased moisture and mould damage in structures.

The area of Professor Grunewald's unit is building physics modelling of structures. Technische Universität Dresden carries out groundbreaking research and development work in the field of the calculation and application programmes required in modelling.

The Building Physics 2013 seminar was held at Tampere Hall from 22-24 October 2013. Building professionals gathered for three days to discuss topical issues related to building physics. The seminar was organised by the Department of Civil Engineering of Tampere University of Technology and the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers. It was the third seminar of its kind.

Building physics has become a key area of competence in modern construction. Moisture and mould damage of structures and, for example, tightened energy savings targets increase the ongoing need for new research data. Also, information is needed on practical solutions that work.

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