When you use spray polyurethane, you don’t have to choose the insulation solution according to the application.

EKOSPRAY® is excellent insulation

EKOSPRAY® is excellent insulation for:

  • ceilings and roof slabs;
  • external walls;
  • base floors;
  • attics and basements.

One spraying application performed by the contractor provides a wind baffle, vapour barrier and PU insulation that will last from generation to generation for:

  • apartment buildings;
  • detached houses and single-family homes;
  • industrial and public buildings.

CE-marked EKOSPRAY® is the professionals' first choice for renovation and facade repairs.

CE-marked EKOSPRAY® is the professionals’ first choice for renovation and facade repairs because the structures do not need straightening or caulking. Spray polyurethane insulation material does not require fasteners, studding or support structures. Neither does it get wet during storage or application. Closed cell Ekospray® is 100 % airtight insulation material.

EKOSPRAY® raises the value of buildings and extends their life.

Apartment buildings

Using EKOSPRAY® polyurethane, old buildings requiring facade renovations are insulated to meet modern levels of energy efficiency. At the same time as the thermal insulation of structures improves many times over, the insulation layer acts as a wind baffle and vapour barrier. In terms of moisture performance, the structure becomes both safe and modern.

Spray PU insulation has all the advantages of polyurethane. Compared to more traditional insulating boards, it has many useful additional features. The thickness-scalable insulation layer sits completely firmly and seamlessly on irregular and multiform wall structures. In this way, facade renovations and other refurbishments can be performed without:

  • straightening structures;
  • caulking structures;
  • providing studding or fasteners for insulation.

In addition to facades, spray polyurethane insulates base floors, roof slabs and wall structures in apartment buildings.

The so-called sandwich structure of the wall’s external skin is dismantled, as is old wool insulation. There is no need to straighten the inner envelope: EKOSPRAY® can be sprayed directly into it. At the same time, the insulation material:

  • blocks air leaks
  • improves indoor air quality
  • prevents moisture from condensing in wall structures
  • saves on heating costs

With spray PU insulation the thickness of wall structures can remain unchanged. The current thermal insulation requirement for wall structures of 0.17 W/m2K can be achieved with a 150-mm insulation layer. The desired facade surfacing is added as external cladding.

Base floor construction work in apartment buildings is often left unfinished, and such floors are perfect places for mould and rot. Moisture removal, drainage and ventilation are poorly implemented. Roof slabs are tricky for board insulation because of the roof support structures and ventilation ducts. In addition, the spaces are often very low.

EKOSPRAY® offers a safe solution for the painless insulation of hard-to-perfect base floors and roof slabs. It is also possible to insulate roof structures with spray PU insulation from outside.


Spray polyurethane provides insulation according to the varying needs of industries. For particularly hot and particularly cold conditions, special EKOSPRAY® insulation materials have been developed which can be cast or sprayed on site.
Examples of the industrial use of spray PU insulation can be found:

  • on refrigeration pipes in food and fish processing plants;
  • in the internal and external additional insulation of cold stores;
  • in the foam insulation spaces between pipes or tanks and sheet metal cladding;
  • in the external insulation of steel or concrete tanks;
  • on transport containers;
  • on cars;
  • on boats;
  • on ships.

In addition to insulating, EKOSPRAY® stiffens and supports the structure that is being insulated. At the same time, it prevents moisture from condensing, e.g. between metal sheet cladding and the insulation. Ekospray® is airtight and seamless.

EKOSPRAY® is equally suited to the insulation needs of industrial halls and commercial and public construction. Read more about facade renovation on our Apartment Buildings page.

Private homes

EKOSPRAY® is a safe and effective choice for both the refurbishment and additional insulation of old private homes and for the thermal insulation of passive and low-energy homes. In old private homes (such as so-called veteran’s houses and log houses) spray polyurethane sets without difficulty to form a compact insulation layer on the surface of old frame structures. At the same time, the insulation functions as support for the structures.

The original thickness of the wall structures in wooden houses can remain unchanged when you use spray PU insulation. Compact and efficient EKOSPRAY® boosts living comfort and energy efficiency in the building to the level of modern requirements. Thanks to its thermal insulation performance, spray PU insulation is also superior when insulating modern passive and zero-energy homes. It is suitable for all building frame materials: concrete, brick, timber and steel.

In terms of moisture performance, insulating with EKOSPRAY® is safe year-round. In addition, the thin insulation layers serve as vapour and air barriers and there is no need to install such barriers separately.

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