EKOSPRAY® is a safe, well-known polyurethane foam which guarantees high-quality insulation for even the most demanding objects.

EKOSPRAY® is a safe, well-known polyurethane foam

EKOSPRAY® is a safe, well-known polyurethane foam which has been guaranteeing high-quality insulation for even the most demanding objects for over 40 years. EKOSPRAY® insulations provide this heat-insulating foam in sprayable form for use in any renovation project.

Spray polyurethane insulation foam takes into account the insulation requirements of different buildings, construction materials, multiform surfaces and areas of application. As it also sets firmly on irregular surfaces, it is the insulation material of choice for professionals when, for example, insulating base-floor spaces with limited access.

Spray polyurethane is the choice of professional builders and structural designers for numerous reasons



  • 1 The most effective insulation material on the market: fully impermeable, adheres to irregular surfaces and offers very high insulation properties. Thermal transfer λ design is 0.025 W/mK > for 120-mm thick insulation.
  • 2
    Good moisture resistance.

  • 3
    Spray polyurethane does not rot, mildew or spoil.
  • 4 Fully impermeable: The air infiltration value of a structure insulated with EKOSPRAY® is 0 l/h, while with other insulation materials it is usually 1-15 l/h.
  • 5 Does not contain aluminium film, which affects mobile phone signals and thermal insulation properties.
  • 6 Durable and shape-preserving: Lifespan in construction of more than 100 years for both insulation performance and permanence of shape.
  • 7 Excellent strength properties: In light insulation its compression strength is 100-200 kPa with tensile strength of 150-1250 kPa. Heavier grades can achieve 2-3 times higher values. In addition, EKOSPRAY®'s compression, tensile and shear strength can be utilised structurally.
  • 8 Heat resistance and fire characteristics of the highest order: EKOSPRAY® extinguishes itself and its surface becomes charred, which prevents the spread and re-ignition of fire. Continuous heat resistance is +120 C. Using fire-retardant paint on EKOSPRAY® -insulated structures yields a fire class of C-s2,d0 and using a sprayable cement fibre-based fire-retardant coating yields a fire class of B-s1,d0.
  • 9 Chemically resistant to the solvents generally present in construction materials, such as acetone, sealing film plasticisers, fuels, mineral oils, dilute acids and alkalis, and the pollutants and impact of exhaust gases and industrial climates.
  • 10 EKOSPRAY® is odourless. It meets the strictest M1 requirements in emissions classifications. Tests are performed on a 28-day-old product.

  • 11
    Physiologically, polyurethane insulation is harmless and chemically neutral.
  • 12 The environmentally friendly and ecological choice: EKOSPRAY® insulation saves energy throughout the lifespan of a building. At the end of its lifespan, the insulation material can be burned as energy or recycled.


has been awarded a
CE mark.

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