insulating material
substantially extends
the buildings’
life span

Choosing EKOSPRAY®

Choosing EKOSPRAY® insulation material for renovation projects and facade repairs, particularly in the case of valuable old buildings, will:

  • raise the value of apartments;
  • reduce heating costs;
  • improve living comfort;
  • substantially extend the buildings’ lifespan.

Sprayable polyurethane is a competitive and trustworthy solution for designers working on renovation projects and insulation solutions. For example, EKOSPRAY® perfectly meets conservation goals in renovation projects on old buildings, even if it represents the peak of insulation technology and not old building materials.

Technical reports on spray polyurethane further reinforce structural designers' extensive know-how.

Technical reports on spray polyurethane further reinforce structural designers’ extensive know-how.
EKOSPRAY® facilitates the work of structural and renovation designers by continually commissioning new studies on the technical properties of spray polyurethane.

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  • RT Building Information File
  • TÜV Classification Reports on Fire Behaviour
  • Research on Water Vapour Transmission Properties by Tampere University of Technology

EKOSPRAY® - the best solution for older buildings and renovation projects

As EKOSPRAY® spreads tightly, smoothly and seamlessly on multiform surfaces, and thus does not require any straightening of structures, sealing, studding or support structures, the costs of renovation projects are reduced and structural design work becomes faster and easier. A good example is concrete apartment buildings which require renovations: after dismantling the sandwich structure and old wool insulation, EKOSPRAY® can be sprayed into the irregular inner area immediately, without straightening out the surface.

Spray polyurethane insulation can be effortlessly incorporated into old structures. At the same time, insulation acts as a vapour barrier and provides perfect protection against moisture and mould.

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