Ekospray participates in Dry Chain Repair in Oulu

Last Thursday, 12 December, Oulu Building Inspection Authority organised a seminar entitledGetting the Building Dry Chain into Shape. Their Quality Manager, Pekka Seppälä, demands an uninterrupted dry chain in the building chain and logistics. The aim is to keep product parts dry throughout the logistics chain of a building.

The uninterrupted dry chain is similar to the demand for an uninterrupted cold chain of food, which is familiar to consumers. This is particularly important in energy-efficient construction, because moisture cannot easily escape from structures.

Mr Seppälä sees timber construction as one of the keys to achieving this goal. The construction industry of the future should take its cue from family house building, says Mr Seppälä, who has been awarded the title of Building Inspector of the Year. In his opinion, single-family house manufacturers could find a market in the field of apartment building if homes were built on a total liability and turnkey basis.

Mr Seppälä, who made his mark in proactive quality control development and implementation, favours the industrial manufacturing of timber parts for wooden houses in dry factory facilities. Also, logistics from the factory to the building site ensure an uninterrupted dry chain.

Ekospray spray polyurethane, which is shape-preserving and highly resistant to water and moisture, makes an excellent contribution to the uninterruptedness of the dry chain thanks to its features. Composite structures and synergy building will require the combining of different materials in the future, too. This is helped by combination technologies' ability to be seamless and moisture-repellent.


Kimmo Siivonen from Purfin Oy presented Ekospray's features and the benefits of blown polyurethane in preserving the dry chain.


Download the programme of the event in Oulu here

Read Pekka Seppälä's interview for Puuinfo in Kiinteistölehti magazine. See also the corresponding article in Rakennuslehti.

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